Willowood Ranch & Chapel


Special Event Liability Insurance



Collecting Proof of Vendor Liability

Professional venders have their own liability insurance policy to protect their business. So when you book their services, make them aware that they will need to provide Willowood Ranch proof of that policy. Willowood Ranch must receive this proof of policy at least 10 days prior to the event. For your peace of mind, we suggest you have them send it as soon as possible and not wait till the last minute. The Lessee is not responsible for purchasing the vender liability policy, the Lessee is only responsible for making sure the vender provides the proof of liability policy to Willowood Ranch.



Insurance for a One-Day Event

One million dollars of liability. If alcohol is served, then liability must include Host Liquor Liability.

Names and Addresses for those to be named as additionally insured:

            Celebration Ministries d.b.a. Willowood Ranch

            Albert and Tracie Denson

            3803 Ward Neal Road

            Bells, Texas 75414





Sometimes this can be added to a homeowner’s insurance policy or you can contact an outside insurance specialist. We accept RVNA, but not Wedsafe as a carrier.  Please email your proof of liability insurance to events@willowoodranch.com or have the company forward the certificate to the address given above, as least 30 days prior to your event. This policy costs $125.00 through RVNA. If you choose to use RVNA, they have our information on file, just give them the name Willowood Ranch.

www.rvnuccio.com    (818) 980-1413      ext 206